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NO TO SOPA by EnyaStillblood NO TO SOPA :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0 Yasu by EnyaStillblood Yasu :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 2 4 Shun by EnyaStillblood Shun :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 2 0
I know none
Of your silly laws,
Of your useless rules.
I have no ruler.
You cannot
Subdue my will.
In me, there is no god.
I bow to none
Who would have me swear to them.
I love no one.
I work for my own.
Above I will stand.
Alone I will fall.
I've no use for people to love.
Somebody to love
Would only start
A wave of doubt in me.
I work alone on my hunt for the truth.
No one can help me find what I need.
That security, so hard to find
The comfort of redemption!
Solitary on my walk through the night
They whisper to me as I pass them by.
My name has become legend.
I am the master of my soul.
I stand before you
Without God.
Without love.
I became
What you asked.
Give it back!
Give her to me!
I see freedom from your
Cruel and selfish whims.
Lay her in my arms.
Can't you hear?
She is crying!
I am here.
I am free.
You will not be lord over me!
She will return to me!
She must return
Because I am her God!
I work alone in my hunt for the truth.
No one can help me find her!
My love that y
:iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 2 6
River of Flowers
Do you wonder?
How does heaven look
To those who have not yet died.
Does it glow
Like a forgotten smile?
Can you feel it?
So close to you today.
Like a final word
On your lips. Drifting up
Into midnight's silver air.
But I will not let you see.
I am here
To keep you breathing.
To chain
You to this living earth.
Against your will
I hold you here!
The blood
Pouring from your broken heart.
A wound that will never heal.
I am responsible for
Your pain.
A river of flowers
Flowing from the vein which has opened.
That is all
That your precious heaven holds.
There's nothing for you.
No release from all this pain.
I am the only thing
You can see.
I keep you here,
Living on at my side.
Even though I know you want death.
I will not
Let you die here.
I will not
Let you see heaven's gates.
When you have only just begun
To love me!
You are
My only love on earth.
I will not lose you to loss.
I do not fear your hate,
My love!
I will have you here,
Beside me.
Side by side we will love,
Both alive.
:iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0
Blind Eyes
I, open my blind eyes and look at you.
Seeing only what
I long to see, in you.
Beauty like
I know that I have never seen.
That I will never see
Caught here in your tiny cage.
Stars, they shine above.
Just out of my reach.
I long to feel them!
Reaching through the bars,
Screaming your name,
You laugh and turn from me,
Leave me in my ties.
Sweet little bluebird why do you sing?
You too are trapped here
And you don't know it.
Fly, fly free as I never can.
See the stars for me.
Bring them back here, to this cage.
Ah, your sweet song,
It fades away into the night.
You will not return!
You are free now.
And I am breaking.
I see the stars now, they spin before my eyes.
You my jailer, I see you staring down at me.
I can not speak to you.
I have lost myself in the stars.
Somehow I must be free from these chains
But you won't free me!
Your heart feels nothig, demon.
Ah, my mind it screams.
I sink into the mirror.
Never to be seen again...
Stars, they shine above.
Just out of my reach.
I long to
:iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 4
Wings of the Raven
Like the wings of the raven
You brush my heart.
You call out and shiver within me,
And I die inside.
As one we are joined
And can not be undone.
Not ever!
With you I can not be brought down.
I will not be stopped.
I will not let you
Die again.
They will not keep me from
Your cold heart!
Protect me!
I wish only to love you.
Your raven wings that burn.
I can taste your fear
Of the death that draws near.
Like the bird's wing you quiver,
And I can tell that you're frightened.
Just let me come down to you.
I can help you now, again.
You will not let me touch you,
Though I can see you clearly, drowning.
I wish only to love you!
With me you can not be brought down!
You will not be stopped!
I will not let you
Die again.
They will not keep you from
My warm embrace.
Protect you!
I wish only to love you.
Your lonesome eyes that cry.
I can taste your fear
Of the death that draws near.
:iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0
Hale Corporation Seal by EnyaStillblood Hale Corporation Seal :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0 Alliance Seal by EnyaStillblood Alliance Seal :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0 Emblem of Krassus by EnyaStillblood Emblem of Krassus :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0 Shonda by EnyaStillblood Shonda :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 0 1
Code Geass R3 - Chapter Six
Chapter Six
Lelouch looked up as Neko walked into the room, her frost-hued helmet tucked lightly beneath her arm. In one glance, he understood the exhausted triumph in her eyes.
"I'm in." She told him, turning and falling backwards on the hotel bed. Lelouch smirked lightly.
"I had no doubt you would be." He told her.
"I know." Neko twisted around on the bed, until she could see him, "Suzaku looked like he was going to die right there, when I told him you were coming back."
Lelouch chuckled softly, "He did kill me, after all."
"You should have warned him this might happen. He's strong, but he's still human. He doesn't have a Code to restart his heart."
Lelouch shrugged, "He's under a Geass to survive." He pointed out.
Neko turned back to look at the ceiling, "Right…"
"So she succeeded." C.C.'s voice ran a chill of irritation up Neko's spine, but she stayed quiet.
"Yes," Lelouch murmured, and Neko's eyes flew back to his. His tone was contemplative, distant; and more than a little s
:iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 2 48
Code Geass R3 - Chapter Five
Chapter Five
"Stain?" Neko could see that Kallen was processing things faster than any of the others. Making connections between Stain and Zero that none of the others were willing to make. Lelouch had warned her that Kallen might be the only one who knew. She had been the one to set the others' suspicions aside; to assure them that the Zero who killed the Demon King was the real one. That he had been capture, detained, while Lelouch took over and ruined the world. But he had never been certain that she believed that.
"Stain," Neko agreed calmly, "I am here to see your Zero."
Kallen's hand itched towards her gun, "Zero is indisposed." She growled.
"I think he's quite free." Neko disagreed calmly, "Or are times not quite so peaceful as you've been telling us?"
Kallen stared at her for a moment. Neko could see her beginning to shake.
And then she had launched herself across the conference room, drawing her gun from its holster in the same instant that she fired it.
Tense silence followed
:iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 3 2
Angel of Darkness- Triumvirate by EnyaStillblood Angel of Darkness- Triumvirate :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 1 0 Blackheart pg 3 Format by EnyaStillblood Blackheart pg 3 Format :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 0 0 Blackheart pg 2 Format by EnyaStillblood Blackheart pg 2 Format :iconenyastillblood:EnyaStillblood 0 0


Raistlin Majere - DragonLance Original 01 by Megane-Saiko Raistlin Majere - DragonLance Original 01 :iconmegane-saiko:Megane-Saiko 73 13 Living easy, living free by viria13 Living easy, living free :iconviria13:viria13 4,817 188 you seem to have an idea... by viria13 you seem to have an idea... :iconviria13:viria13 7,192 507 anyone else but you by viria13 anyone else but you :iconviria13:viria13 11,989 532 HP:marauders' generation by viria13 HP:marauders' generation :iconviria13:viria13 18,657 1,674 the making of the marauders map by viria13 the making of the marauders map :iconviria13:viria13 15,816 698 Shuuut up.. I am not like that.. by viria13 Shuuut up.. I am not like that.. :iconviria13:viria13 11,902 688 Wild ones. by viria13 Wild ones. :iconviria13:viria13 18,054 778 sun-filled memories by viria13 sun-filled memories :iconviria13:viria13 11,836 611 another day of life by viria13 another day of life :iconviria13:viria13 15,859 488 Pleased to meet you. by viria13 Pleased to meet you. :iconviria13:viria13 11,344 1,008 Ambassador of Pluto by viria13 Ambassador of Pluto :iconviria13:viria13 7,628 420 Ciao, losers! by viria13 Ciao, losers! :iconviria13:viria13 9,357 817 The Ghost King. by viria13 The Ghost King. :iconviria13:viria13 12,443 559 Nico di little *khem* by viria13 Nico di little *khem* :iconviria13:viria13 12,572 892 such a dark person by viria13 such a dark person :iconviria13:viria13 4,329 365



Protect your honor as SOLDIER.
United States
I have created a wolf roleplay. There are a couple of packs and we're just getting off the ground, so most of the special ranks in the packs still have openings. Come howl with us!…
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